Sunday, January 24, 2010

Thoughts on Mr. Mom

Ok, so last Thursday and Friday as I had to go to my second job, Chris decided he would stay home with Aidan, to give him some time to fully recover from his cold (which he has, thank the Lord!) and have some daddy/son bonding time. I was very thankful for that. While Aidan enjoys his teachers and class at school, who wouldn't want to be at home with their child (and in my case since I HAD to work) or see their child spending quality time at home with one of his/her parents? I was so glad for Aidan, and especially Chris, that they got to have two whole days together. Aidan loves his daddy dearly (as do I!), and he had a good time with him. I would call them during my lunch breaks to see how things were going, and Chris said they had been reading books, watching some "Handy Manny", and he would just give me a full report of the morning thus far. And of course, I would get to talk to Aidan, which would brighten up my day, since he was usually still asleep in bed when I would leave for work and I didn't want to wake him. He would always say "Mama!" and "hello!" to me, and that would be about it. And I was very surprised and thankful that the boys kept the house in pretty decent shape--no major messes or dishes for me to clean up when I got home! That's a nice treat, especially after I've been working most of the day!

I guess thinking back about those two days has even made it even more set firm in my mind how much of a lucky and very blessed girl I am to have such a wonderful, amazing, caring, thoughtful, dedicated husband in Chris. He is the perfect match for me...and I know this because God Himself brought us together and we know that He causes all things to work for good! I am just so amazed at what a wonderful daddy Chris is to Aidan...I always knew he would be, but he just never ceases to amaze me with what great care and love he constantly gives to him. He jumps at every chance he has to be with him, and I know that sometimes since he works two full-time jobs (he's a machinist and he's a general contractor-yeah, he's pretty busy-especially in the summer when it's perfect house-building weather!) he doesn't get to see me or Aidan that much, so I'm especially grateful and thankful for days like last Thursday and Friday when he could stay home with him and spend good times with him.

Thank you, Lord, for my husband and my son....such wonderful and dear treasures from you!

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