Sunday, January 24, 2010

Friday nights at the "spa"

For all you mamas, especially those who work two jobs like me, y'all know how super important "mama time" is. We crave it. We need it. We simply have to have it! It's good for our mind, body, and soul. We give so much of our time caring for our husbands, kids, and home (and second jobs, if you work outside the home), that we mamas need to indulge and do something special just for us. This could take many forms--could be shopping, girl's nights, any sort of pampering (mani/pedi's, massage, etc.), or just relaxing with a good book or a chick flick. I enjoy all of those! But Friday night I began a new tradition that I'm looking forward to again this Friday night...I call it my "spa" night. It's nothing really that has to do with a spa at all...I don't give myself a facial, or a massage or a pedi, but I do soak in a warm bath, surrounded by candlelight only, and to enhance the mood, I put the Sirius spa channel on the satelliete that plays the "new age" music you hear when you go to the spa. I do this after I've put Aidan down for the night and Chris is usually downstairs on the computer or watching TV, so I've got the whole bedroom/bathroom to myself. Ah, solitude! I can just soak and relax, and feel all the stress and responsibilities of the week just melt away...even if it is for only 45 minutes or so! Our tub is a jacuzi tub, which is awesome! It's great to turn on the jets and get a mini-massage as well.

Anyway, one point of this blog is to feature a fabulous bath product that I use to make my bathtime "spa" experience extra special. This week, it's the Me! bath ice cream. These ice cream scoops are wonderful, and probably my very favorite product to use for my baths.

I get these fabulous fizzies at The Corset Corner, a super chic and cute lingerie store here in town for a great price! They are so worth it! The smell fantastically yummy, and leave your skin feeling so soft and supple (not to mention sweet-smelling!) long after your bath. The scent I used this week was "In the Land of Milk and Honey". Loved it! I made a trip to The Corset Corner again this past weekend to splurge on myself a little (wanted, or maybe I should say needed a new maternity/nursing nightgown and of course, another Me! bath ice cream), so I'll be sure to review my new purchase soon!

So whatever your indulgence of choice, enjoy it, mama! You deserve it! Happy pampering! :)

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