Monday, February 1, 2010

Slip Sliding to...Target!

Today marked the first day since Friday night (before the snow started) that I actually got in the van and left the house. Woohoo!! It's nice to be able to get out and enjoy the fresh, snowy air! So I loaded up A-man and slipped (not literally, thank goodness!) into town to do some shopping. Ok, I had every intention of just heading straight to Sam's for milk and diapers, but somehow, the red of the Target logo drew me in like a moth to a flame, and somehow the van made a left turn and pulled into a parking space at Target. All on its own! Imagine that! I had no control! (At least this is the story I'm telling my husband!).

It's nice just to be able to wander through Target leisurely, not having to fight crowds or being rushed along by an anti-shopping husband. I did get some items, and it was a little strange for me...I didn't have a coupon to use on anything! I felt a bit guilty, to be quite honest. And some things I bought weren't on sale either! So a double whammy of guilt hit me. But it's nice to be able to splurge a little bit, since I'm usually so very conscious of sales and coupons. And, all of the items I bought I didnt' have a coupon for anyways, so I guess it just worked out.

I picked up some kitchen sponges and magnetic alphabet letters for Aidan in the dollar bargin bin (hopefully this will keep him entertained for a while since it's new...I do have a feeling that later I'm going to have the letter B embedded into the sole of my foot when I step on the stray letter sometime this evening!), and then proceeded to head to the maternity clothing section. I ended up buying a lovely maternity dress that I both needed and wanted. I don't have many dressy maternity clothes, so this was a good purchase. Also got some stretch mark massage cream for my itchy and stretching pregnant belly, a toothbrush/toothpaste for A, and a pack of hair clips. Oh, if only I had more money to spend freely on whatever I chose...I could probably do some major damage in the beauty section...all these lotions, makeup products, skin cleansers, and hair prodcuts are so tempting to buy and try!

Of course, as always, I have to make a stop by the baby section. First, to see if there was any great clearance deals on clothes for Aidan....nope. I would have checked for clearance items for Liam, but two thoughts entered my mind: 1. Liam is not going to need winter outfits when he's born and 2. I have a TON of hand-me-downs from Aidan that Liam will certainly be just makes sense to get your money's worth out of the clothes we already have that are in good condition, and saving money is a high priority for our family! Of course, I do plan on registering for some things for Liam so he has some new things just for him!

Well, maybe this afternoon I'll venture back out again and this time make it to Sam's! And I wouldn't be surprised if my van somehow made it to Sonic between 2-4 pm for a happy hour Strawberry Limeade! Yum! Have I mentioned I LOVE snow days?!

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