Thursday, February 11, 2010

18 month report

My big little man A turned 18 months old on Tuesday (the 9th). Seriously CANNOT believe a year and a half has gone by since I first heard that sweet newborn cry of my son and kissed his tiny cheek before they whisked him away to the NICU! Seems like such a short time ago, yet at the same time like such a long time ago. It's kinda hard to remember those days in a they were shrouded in some kind of fog in my mind. I guess maybe it's because he has changed SO much in the past year and a half that I can only really remember what he was like this afternoon, or yesterday at the very latest. But alas, my firstborn son is growing up. It's a bittersweet moment. And all of you mamas understand what I'm saying. So I don't have to explain. And thank you for that. 'Cause I think I might seriously break down and cry if I did. Darn those pregnancy hormones! ;)

Anyways, A-man went to the doctor yesterday for his 18 month checkup. I'm VERY happy to report that Aidan had a good bill of health! Doc said everything looked great and that he's a very healthy and happy 18 little boy. Of course, he was crying at the time this statement was uttered, but he's right! Aidan was in the 25-50% on height and weight, and looking good! He did have to get two shots, and I was pretty emotional about that. More than I have been in the past few visits that required shots. Again, I blame the pregnancy hormones. I couldn't bear to watch while Chris held him, so I had to look away, but still heard those pitiful cries. Oh, I should have just left the room when the nurse asked if I wanted to. Me, deciding to stay to be brave for Aidan, ended up a sobbing huddled mass facing the wall in the corner of the examinating room. Nice, mom. Real nice. But I guess that just goes to show how much us mamas really bond and feel connected with our children. Their pain becomes ours. How I only wish I had gotten a sticker like Aidan did. I think I deserved one, too! ;)

Here's my little man yesterday. He's proudly showing off his Valentine card from his Nana and Grandpop.

I am so blessed that God has allowed me to be the mama to this sweet boy! What a joy it is!! Can't wait to see what the next 18 months will bring with Aidan! More joy, laughter, and memories, I'm sure!

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